Portfolio Management

Infrastructure Portfolio Management has the task of identifying, acquiring and managing equity investments in the infrastructure and renewable energy sector. Investments are made both in the form of direct investments and also via club deals and institutional fund products. With regard to direct investments, the focus is primarily on onshore wind farms and solar parks in stable eurozone countries.

Investing in direct investments via our Luxembourgian fund platform SILUX SCS SICAV-FIS enables us to map particularly individual structuring solutions while also making investments in a variety of different markets. For example, we are able to offer customised solutions for all companies that are subject to the Solvency II Directive.

In order to diversify the existing portfolios further, we are looking for new or recent onshore wind farms and solar parks in eurozone countries with stable feed-in tariffs. Depending on the transaction, the target investment volume is between EUR 20 million and EUR 250 million.


Christoph von Geldern

Christoph von Geldern

Head of Portfolio Management Infrastructure

"For institutional investors in particular, investments in renewable energies and infrastructure projects are a secure and predictable alternative."